Free Google Shopping for every webshop

Google is opening up Google Shopping to everyone! The company announces that European web shops will be able to place products on Google Shopping for free in mid-October. This means that the products will be shown in the Google Shopping tab for free. This means free Google Shopping impressions, clicks and conversions for you. You can read more about it in this article.

Google Shopping ads

Google Shopping ads are shown after a visitor has searched for a relevant keyword on Google. There are 2 different places where these ads are shown:

Free Google Shopping

The SERP (Search Engine Result Page) shows the top 10 organic results and the best paid Google Search campaigns, among others. Also, only the paid Google Shopping ads are shown here. On our Google Shopping page, we go deeper into the paid Google shopping listings.

Free Google Shopping
The Google Shopping tab is where the free Google Shopping ads are displayed. An organic ranking will be used to subdivide which products will appear in which position. The Google Shopping tab currently still contains paid Google Shopping ads, but it is expected that this will be complemented by the free Google Shopping listings by mid-October. For more information, please visit our page about the free Google Shopping listings.

EasyAds expects that adding ads to the Google Shopping tab will also have a positive effect on your clicks and conversions. Research shows that 14% of visitors click on a Google Shopping ad from the SERP and 7% of all visitors click on the Google Shopping tab.

We can conclude from this that there is certainly traffic on the Google Shopping platform. In addition, visitors mainly use the Google Shopping tab as a tool to discover new products and/or webshops. Because of this, there is a fairer distribution of clicks and conversions on the Shopping tab than on the SERP. On the SERP, you now mainly pay to get to the top, for example through text ads or paid Google Shopping ads. So, to accommodate retailers with a different strategy, Google launched the free Google Shopping tab.

The findability of my free Google Shopping listings

Where a paid campaign was previously a requirement for being visible on Google Shopping, it will now also be possible to use the Google Shopping tab for free. Basically, the paid and free versions of Google Shopping work the same, however, with a free Google Shopping ad it is even more important to have a strong product feed. It is also important to keep optimising this. The reason for this is that the products in the free version of Google Shopping are not found on high keyword bids, but based on the relevance and completeness of a product feed. So the more relevant and complete the product content is, the more likely it is that your products will be at the top.

It is therefore important that you continue to optimise the product information, so that this information matches the search terms of a visitor. When optimising the product information, you should think of improving the title, product description, images, etc. To boost findability, it is therefore important to keep filling your feed with relevant information.

Tip: Put the most important details in the first 35 characters of your title. This is an important indexing for the findability of your products. 

Advertising on Google Shopping

Besides adding the product content to the free Google Shopping tab, it remains possible to set up paid Google Shopping campaigns. The advantage of these paid campaigns is that the products are on the SERP. This ensures that a lot of traffic and revenue continues to go to the paid Google Shopping ads.

Tip: The combination of free and paid content creates a synergy. A stand-alone free Google Shopping campaign will never get more impressions than a multichannel strategy.

However, optimising a paid Google Shopping campaign can take a lot of time. Besides linking various systems, adjusting various settings, daily maintenance and monitoring is a requirement for a profitable Shopping campaign. That is why it is possible to set up and optimise your campaign through EasyAds. Through our Google Shopping campaign management, our SEA specialists maintain, manage and optimise the Google Shopping campaign.

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