Insights and analytics

Want to see where your potential lies? Get the right insights with our Insights dashboards for, Google Shopping, Marktplaats and Amazon. Make simple data-driven decisions and optimisations without using complex tools.

Essential information in one place

EasyAds works for the most important marketplaces and advertising channels with Insights from Channable, which enables us to combine the essential data and information in a well-organized way. This gives direct insight into your potential, campaign results and actual results.

The data is collected from various sources via the sales channel, google analytics and your own back-end. This sounds like complicated machine learning (it is), but as we say; just put the important numbers together in an easy to understand way!

EasyAds Insights

Insights for marketplaces

For marketplaces like and Amazon, we want to know if your products are already known, if there are already sellers on the listings, who has the buy box and at what price. On the other hand, you want to know how much revenue you make, what products have been sold, what margins you pay off to or Amazon and exactly what you have "left over.

We can see and use this information at channel, section, product and collective level. This makes it possible to create rules that are based on this data instead of a gut feeling.

Insights for advertising channels

For advertising channels such as Google Shopping and Marketplace, we want to know the CTRs of your ads and campaigns, how many visitors come to your website through which ads and what the costs of these are. On the other hand, we want to know how your performance is, how much revenue you make, which products are actually sold and what ROAS you achieve within certain campaigns.

We can see and use all this information at the product, ad group, campaign and bidding strategy level. With that, rules can be created that will automatically start optimizing campaigns.

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