Faebook feed for web shops

Offer your products fully automatically on your Facebook account. Import and manage your Facebook dynamic ads in your Facebook account with an optimised feed through EasyAds.

Facebook integration and connection

Channable has a real-time feed connection for Facebook dynamic ads available. By reading the feed into your Facebook account, you automatically create dynamic ads. Campaign management is done in your own Facebook account. Inventories are synchronized so there are no products online that you don't have in stock.

In addition, it is possible to fill your Instagram account with the same ads through your Facebook account.

EasyAds Performance Dashboard: Marketplace
Facebook integration and connection

Selling with Facebook

Facebook and and Instagram are the largest social media platforms in the world. By offering your products through these sales channels, you reach the entire world in one fell swoop. Facebook is an open platform that you can sign up for. Learn more

A visitor from Facebook clicks on the link in the advertisement to your web shop. The buyer orders and buys the product directly from you. Facebook charges a cost-per-click fee for this. The CPC rates vary by category, among other things.

Opportunities for Facebook sellers

  • Real-time API connection for Facebook and webshop
  • Datafeed tool for Facebook
  • Available countries: Worldwide
  • Available from the Premium account of EasyAds
Webshop connections

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