Data feed manager

Whether you are working with a separate feed or webshop software, with the data feed manager we can 'map' your fields, headings and attributes correctly. There is always a way to get it done.

Your data is the basis

Do you have a loose in XML, CSV or JSON format? Then we can read it in and set it up so we can publish your products to all kinds of sales channels. Mind you, your success is as good as your data!

Do you use a webshop software connection as an import? Then you can optimise and publish your products, and receive orders from marketplaces back to your webshop. Very convenient.

Webshop connections and integrations
Optimize ads with rules

Mapping of headings and attributes

Linking fields and headings is a precise job. We use smart business rules (if-this-then-that) to get all the necessary data to a channel, as well as to create a better title.

A great advantage if your products are not yet known on certain marketplaces such as seasonal products. But also setting different prices, shipping costs and break rules for each channel becomes possible.

Publish wherever you want

Sell easily through all different sales channels across Europe. Your product data, prices and stock are automatically updated several times a day on all channels based on your data feed or shop data and applied rules.

Marketplaces and sales channels

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