Google Shopping Ads for web shops

Google Shopping Ads the easy way! We link your shop to your Google Ads - and Merchant Center account and use the Google Shopping SEA tool for automated campaigns.

Google Shopping Ads integration and connection

Channable partners with Google and has a real-time connection with this sales channel's APIs. You can add the products to the Google Shopping tab through your Google Merchant Center account. Campaigns are easily created in your Google Ads account via our Google Shopping Ads SEA tool

For Google Shopping Ads, there is an extensive Data Insights dashboard available where you can access all relevant information. Less complicated and clearer than Google Analytics.

Google Ads connection and integration

Selling with Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping is the ideal channel if you are looking for more turnover from new customers and your current customers. You can also increase your visibility among your current customers by applying remarketing to this group, among other things. Shopping can be used for various customers within the Customer Journey.

Your products will be placed under the 'Shopping' tab and between the 'normal search results' in Google. For this you need a Google Merchant Center.

Before you can advertise the products on Google Shopping based on CPC, a Google Ads account is required.

Opportunities for Google Shopping

  • Real-time API connection for Merchant Center and Google Ads
  • Google Shopping (the free variant)
  • Google Ads CSS 20% discount on cpc costs (the paid variant)
  • Insight dashboard for Google Shopping Ads
  • Google Shopping SEA tool
Webshop connections

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