Channable Tool Services

EasyAds provides Tool Services (set-ups, settings and management) for your marketing automation. We do this with the tooling of Channable, market leader in this field. The Tool Services are performed by our technical support heroes and manage your account through the subscriptions below.

Tool services


Channels & Imports

Set-up and mapping
Maintenance and monitoring

Order Connections

Set-up and settings
Maintenance and monitoring

SEA & PPC tool

Set-up and maintenance

Content tool

Set-up and maintenance

Repricer tool

Set-up and maintenance

Analytics / Insights tool

Set-up and maintenance

Additional costs

  • Setup cost per channel - one-off € 99
  • Additional channel in addition to Tool Service D - per month € 50
  • Possible with any Channable account - per month from € 39


Google Shopping Management

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Marktplaats Management

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Amazon Management

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