Amazon Marketplace Management

How do you get through to Amazon in the first place? And how do you make sure you get and stay in the buy box? Our marketplace specialists help you with the initial phase, growth and optimisation.

Grow with Amazon

Amazon is an adventure that can sometimes be frustrating for retailers and brands. The 'Amazon manual' is thick and not always complete, but the potential is huge! EasyAds has its own Amazon tools and additional services specifically for SME Amazon management.

An extensive data Insights dashboard has been developed for Amazon where we can view your buy-box information, commissions and actual sales information. In addition, specific Amazon tooling such as Helium10 and Junglescout is used.

Amazon integration and connection

Selling on Amazon

Amazon is the largest marketplace in the world. In Europe, there are 8 different Amazon marketplaces. By offering your products through this sales channel, you can reach millions of new customers in one go!

A buyer of your product orders and buys it from After you have shipped the product(s), transfers the purchase price minus the commission to you. No sales means no costs. The commissions vary by category, among other things. Amazon is an open platform for which you can register as a seller. Open an Amazon Seller Central account

Amazon Marketplace Management for SMEs

  • Maximum result is the starting point (visitors and turnover)
  • Monthly reporting on progress, results and action points
  • Coaching and learning on performance and service standards
  • Contact with Amazon helpdesk (tickets, cases, issues)
  • Technical connections and set-up for Amazon account(s)
  • Plan of approach based on product selection, pricing and sponsored products
  • Product and price optimisation for the buy-box
  • Content optimisation based on "unknown" or "weak" status
  • Available countries and connections > NL, DE, FR, IT, UK, SE, PL, ES
  • Management available in addition to EasyAds' Tool Service
  • From € 250,- p/month, according to the number of products
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