We like to keep our users informed of developments in the world of E-commerce and specifically in the area of Marketplaces and new sales channels. We are happy to share our insights and experiences.

Performance Max for E-commerce

Have you switched to Performance Max yet? In recent months, Google's new campaign type has become available to everyone. The Performance Max campaign is the successor to the Smart shopping campaigns that we have known for a while. Smart shopping is being phased out completely this year so you need to take action.

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Success story: grew 10x in sales on

Selling on and other marketplaces. What is actually involved? Is it suitable for everyone and what steps do you need to take? In this blog, we asked Arjan Stok of about his experience with and other marketplaces.
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How to sell via bol!

22 million items.... This is the size of the assortment of bol. An enormous range, which sellers just have to try to fall into. To boost sales through bol, you should not only offer your products, but also boost the visibility of your products. In order to outsmart the competition, you will find some advice in this article, including how to deal with sponsored products on bol.
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Link your shop to Amazon and start selling

After months of speculation, the big moment has arrived: Amazon has officially launched in the Netherlands! Connect your web shop with Amazon today, because E-commerce experts suggest that Amazon's entry will quickly turn the world of Dutch marketplaces upside down. This is not only true for marketplaces, but also for Dutch webshops interested in a connection with Amazon.
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Free Google Shopping for every webshop

Google is opening up Google Shopping to everyone! The company announces that European webshops will be able to place products on Google Shopping for free in mid-October. This means that the products will be shown in the Google Shopping tab for free. This means free Google Shopping impressions, clicks and conversions for you. You can read more about it in this article.
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