Link your shop to Amazon and start selling

After months of speculation, the big moment has arrived: Amazon has officially launched in the Netherlands! Connect your web shop with Amazon today, because E-commerce experts suggest that Amazon's entry will quickly turn the world of Dutch marketplaces upside down. This does not only apply to marketplaces, but also to Dutch webshops interested in a connection with Amazon.

Before Amazon entered the Netherlands, it was already possible for web shops to link up with Amazon. For example with the German version of Amazon. CV Fishing is happy to make use of this. This webshop was looking for a new market some time ago and ended up at

Coen Denkers, owner of CV Fishing puts it as follows:''We saw that Amazon was gaining a lot of ground in e-commerce in various European countries, especially in Germany. With our own shop we had difficulty attracting German customers, so we looked for an alternative. I had reasonable expectations, but this exceeds them''.

That Amazon was the right choice for this webshop is also confirmed by some results. Last month, CV Fishing sold almost as much on as it did on the Dutch Furthermore, the average Cost Per Sale (CPS) was €0.30 cheaper on compared to However, the order value is currently lower at compared to

Amazon is in the Netherlands, what now?

Since 10 March, web shops that are orienting themselves towards Dutch consumers can now also use the world's largest marketplaces. However, as a Dutch webshop, you cannot just start selling on Amazon. The following steps can help.

Step 1: Choose an account

To get started, it is necessary to create a business account at Amazon. When creating an Amazon Seller Account, you can choose between 2 types of accounts, namely a basic account and a professional account.

The advantage of a basic account is that you only pay if you sell something. The cost of this is €0.99 per item. Furthermore, it is important to know that this account is only suitable if your shop sells less than 40 items per month.

Do you sell more than 40 items per month? Then a professional seller account is something for your shop. The costs of this account are €39,- per month. You can find more information about the costs per type of account on Amazon 's website.

Step 2: Add products or create an automatic connection with Amazon

To sell on Amazon, it is also important to add your products from the webshop to your Amazon account. There are 2 different ways to do this.

Adding your own products on Amazon and linking to Amazon
Thefirst way is to manually add your products one by one on Amazon. It is important that the products are added to the correct category. After categorisation, it is possible to add further ''vital'' information, such as product images and other instructions.

Automatic connectionwith Amazon via EasyAds
However, manually importing your data feed on Amazon is very time-consuming. Fortunately, there are handy tools available that make importing the feed more efficient. The EasyAds tool is a good example.

Linking with Amazon via EasyAds

In order to relieve webshop owners of the burden of linking their webshop to Amazon, EasyAds offers amazon an automatic connectionwith the Amazon API. This means that webshops can automatically forward their products to Amazon. EasyAds also ensures (in most cases) that orders from Amazon are forwarded directly to the webshop.

CV Fishing, for example, has been using this connection for some time now: ''You often read about results from customers that sometimes make you wonder if this is really the case. Well, at Amazon it was a real shock how easy and fast it went with the orders. Literally from day 1 the orders came in''.

Coen Denkers, the owner continued: "Using EasyAds, we can easily get our products to Amazon automatically from our Lightspeed webshop and we also get the orders from Amazon in our webshop. This saves an enormous amount of time and administration, but also mistakes that you would quickly make manually''.

Step 3: Determine the shipping option

When selling products on Amazon, the choice of shipping is also important. We would like to explain the 2 most important options.

Option 1: Shipment by Amazon
Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) allows you to ship your products to Amazon fulfillment centers. Amazon takes care of the packaging, shipping and customer service of your products. To make use of this service, you pay a commission. Use the FBA calculator to calculate your commission.

Option 2: self-shipment
If you choose to arrange the shipments yourself, then you are responsible for the logistical process of your products. This includes stock management, but also returns and customer service. You also pay a referral fee per product sold. This fee is often between 7-15% of the product price.

Step 4: Add product information

To ensure that your products can be found on Amazon, it is important to prepare various basic details in advance. These important data include ASINs, product descriptions, brand and category of the product. When this is ready, EasyAds can forward this information to your product page on Amazon via an automatic connection.

To boost the findability of your product page even more, you can also use Amazon's enhanced brand content tool. With this tool, you can, for example, add extensive product descriptions and images. The advantage of this is that consumers learn more about your product and your brand story. In addition, you can also use the tool to fill in relevant keywords to make your webshop stand out even more on Amazon. It is important to use relevant keywords. This has a positive effect on the SEO score of your product page.

Step 5: Advertise on Amazon

After your products have been successfully placed on Amazon, it is also essential to think about paid campaigns on Amazon. Is your shop not yet active on Amazon and do you want to optimise the findability of your products? Then choose sponsored products. This has the advantage that traffic to your product page will increase considerably. In concrete terms, this means that you choose which pages will have a higher position within Amazon, if visitors search for a relevant keyword. Another advantage is that a paid campaign has a positive effect on the organic position of your product pages.

Advertise on Amazon with EasyAds

Advertise on Amazon with Easyads
However, advertising on Amazon can take a lot of time. To relieve you of this, EasyAds can manage your Amazon campaigns. Certified Amazon specialists will be happy to set up your campaigns and optimise them according to your pre-defined goals.

As a webshop, do you not want to miss the Amazon boat either? And are you looking for easy linking and/or advertising on Amazon? Try EasyAds!