EasyAds is bol.com Gold partner

This means that we know everything about technology, but also how to grow with bol.com. This combination may help you further, because technology is only a starting point for a healthy sales channel.

Integration partner of bol.com

EasyAds is an integration partner of bol.com and has real-time connections with the APIs of bol.com. You can offer your products with EAN number automatically on bol.com. Price and delivery time rules are easy to set. The orders and your stock are synchronised so that you can work entirely from your own back-end. Furthermore, an Insight Performance dashboard is available which gives you insight into the buying block, sales and costs on bol.com.

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Marketing partner of bol.com

EasyAds is a marketing partner of bol.com as well as an integration partner. We help bol.com sellers who want to grow. Hands-on and at affordable rates. Our Marketplace specialists manage your interests on bol.com and start with a scan to see where your potential lies. The focus is on professionalising your content, pricing and possibly sponsored products. More information here

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