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Offer your products fully automatically and for free on Google Shopping with EasyAds. Link your shop to the Google Merchant Center account and take advantage of the largest free advertising network in the world.

Google Shopping integration and connection

EasyAds is a partner of Google and has a real-time connection with the APIs of this sales channel. You can add the products to the Google Shopping tab by using the Google Merchant Center. Here the products to be advertised are evaluated, before the products go live on the Google Shopping tab.

By linking your Google Merchant Center account to EasyAds, you can offer products automatically. Stock levels are synchronised so that no products are online that you do not have in stock.

Google Shopping statistics
Google Shopping integration and connection

Sell free of charge through Google Shopping

The free advertising version of Google Shopping allows you to place your products on Google for free. Where you normally pay CPC costs for placing products on Google Shopping, it is also possible to place your products on the Google Shopping tab for free. Paid Google Shopping Ads are also possible.

Your products will be placed under the 'Shopping' tab and between the 'normal search results' in Google. For this you need a Google Merchant Center.

Opportunities for Google Shopping

  • Real-time API connection for Merchant Center and Google Ads
  • Google Shopping Ads (the paid variant)
  • Insight dashboard for Google Shopping Ads
  • Google Shopping SEA tool
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