Lightspeed connection with sales channels

Place your products from Lightspeed automatically on Marketplaces and other sales channels. The Lightspeed connection is suitable for all channels, including, Google Shopping, Marktplaats and Amazon.

Lightspeed integration and connection

Channable and Lightspeed have a real-time connection via the available plug-in. Product information and prices are taken over from your shop. Orders and inventory are synchronized so you can manage everything from your Lightspeed shop.

With the extensive Insights Marketplace dashboards, you can immediately see where your potential lies, which products sell best and who is in the 'buying block'. For advertising channels such as Google Shopping and Marktplaats there are Insight dashboards to monitor and adjust your campaigns.

Lightspeed integration and connection

Selling with Lightspeed

Lightspeed offers solutions for eCommerce, retail and restaurants with a complete cash register system. Lightspeed is easy to connect to various channels such as social media, SEO, newsletters and e-mails.

Lightspeed web shops are not only easy to use, but are also optimised for Google search results. For shopkeepers with a physical shop, Lightspeed offers solutions such as a cash register system. More information

Possibilities for Lightspeed web shops

Marketplaces and sales channels

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