eBay connection for webshops

Offer your products fully automatically on your eBay sellers account. Synchronize orders and inventory to your own webshop. Win the eBay buying block with the repricer for eBay.

eBay integration and connection

Channable is an eBay integration partner and has a real-time connection with the APIs of this sales channel. By linking your eBay sellers account, we can offer your products with item numbers automatically. Orders and inventory are synchronized so you don't have to sell no.

Beyond that, eBay has a comprehensive Data Insights dashboard available where you have buybox information, commissions and actual sales information available. This allows you to instantly see where your potential lies and which products are selling best.

EasyAds Insight Performance Dashboard: Marketplaces
eBay integration and connection

Selling on eBay

eBay was the world's first marketplace. In Europe, there are several eBay marketplaces. By offering your products via this sales channel, you can reach millions of new clients in one go! eBay is an open platform for which you can register as a seller More information

A buyer of your product orders and buys it on eBay. After you have shipped the product(s), eBay transfers the purchase price minus the commission to you. No sales means no fees. Commissions vary by category. Find out more

Opportunities for eBay sellers

  • Available countries: NL, DE, BE
  • Available with any EasyAds account
Webshop connections

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